About Us

Our founder, Veronica Marlow's, favorite activity as a small girl was designing and sewing dresses for her dolls. This passion developed into a lifelong career in fashion design and manufacturing.

Passion Fruit Fashion emerged in late 2014 from our need to find great modest clothing. We struggled when shopping to find clothing that met our personal criteria of modest, fashionable, high workmanship, quality fabric, and reasonably priced. That seemed like too much to ask of the current market! While venting about this issue, an idea emerged. Why not produce our own? 

With decades of work in the L.A. fashion industry, Veronica had met amazing people in manufacturing that have seen much of their work exported out of the country. They unhappily have machines sitting unused in their small garage factories.

We now had the opportunity to fulfil our desire to produce quality, modest clothing while helping to keep a little bit of manufacturing in the U.S.   

Each piece from our line is produced with decades of skill behind it. By wearing our clothing you are giving us an outlet for our passion and talents. Starting with design to the next step in haggling with fabric vendors in Downtown L.A., from cutting the pieces, to sewing and placing the finishing touches, all those involved are enthusiastic about bringing you a beautiful product.